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Magic and Mystery, so much song in this landscape, it sets the imagination on fire, hosts of new thoughts…

Was embracing vegan, life foods, and embracing all the calorie restriction for many many years, alkaline lifestyle, vegan, vegetarian, raw living foods,  then i found this Primal typing and since i have moved to this new area, with high quality meat and dairy produce our life has changed, my lady had been a vegan, vegetarian for a very very long time, all but my one son who is vegetarian, are enjoying and feeling very good from embracing the local organic grass fed lamb, i have been remembering how i enjoyed my food BUTTERMILK PUDDINGS, Homemade greek meatballs, kebabs, Lamb and rice, we could eat a place twice, as a child with my father and now eat this very same way again, breakfast has gone from electrolyte lemonades to full blown cooked breakfast with a good salad, eggs, beef sausages, beef burgers, spelt sourdough and a good litre of chanca piedra or cats claw tea with local nettles and honey with spring water for tea. This has changed again we have moved that break fast up to dinner and stay with our lemonades and teas. We are feeling very good health from this start to the day as an experiment…We eat a little lamb and have some eggs and cheese, all from grass fed, beasts we have a deep respect for life, love and laughter and an awareness of KARMA GOOD BAD OR INDIFFERENT. We live and eat in consciousness, no longer shop from supermarkets period,, and only eat Wild, Bio Dynamic and Organic, we never ever ever compromise this, we are planting up a garden and in the next 5 years i will have my own livestock, so that we can have access to curds and whey, bee honey, and butter milk, butter fat, lamb and goat meat, once in a blue moon. Also our own vegetables, herbs and fruits, and brews and elixirs, and fermentings. Peace and some insight from me to me.

Hello All, Papa Lion signing in to share the latest elements of our journey.

Beznar our nine year old son, in his playground of growth and expansion. This is his bio sphere, this is hiss life. This is his healing.
Tuareg Amber, old money.
Some of our latest creations, from the hedgerow, and our area, Hawthorn Berry, Apple, Pear and Ginger Fruit Leather with Chocolate Raw Living Food Styles featuring the Alchemical Kate

Since we last converged we have been working to get our micro industry of confection off the ground, this is being tempered like some heavenly sphere of good ness and is happening much like the tortoise and not the hare. Our products are coming and they will make a benefit to society, communities and the culture of life that we wish to embrace.

Working on our unique brand. Getting help in all the circles, building a unique network.

It is great to have returned to my home, Wales.

land of fresh air, good coastlines, pristine, the home of organics, the culture is strong here. The micro industries are stirring, we are branding Wales, here you find co operation not competition. Here the magic of our ancestors is here, the skies are full of birds of prey.

This is a taste of Wales, pure Mountain smelt, pure water, undulating, lots of moss, lichens, heritage varieties of Hawthorn Berries. Ancient Oaks, abundance of flora and fauna, this land is rich with Antiquity. The air is Pristine. This is our coats of arms.

The children have space. Life is good. So with kind and gentle steps. We seek to bring something unique to the table, as a celebration of life, and the very essence of food being the best medicine.

Hawthorn Berries excellent for the heart. Tree foods contain powerful minerals and sustenance. We still have our Ash, Oak and Thorn, we still have hope. Balance and integrity.

With the healing and our wish for our children to have a good life, with as little need for chemical drugs, we strive to pursue greatness in all that we do.

So we create a medicine garden, utilising permaculture gardening ethics of working with all the things in nature we have around us to compliment the lifestyle we wish to see.


Looking at how we can mineralise the soil, with seaweeds, coppice, silage, tree mulch, barks, dead wood? guano, rock dust, sheep and cow organic grass fed manures, worms, and no dig principles, with an awareness of the earth energies, the magnetics of the earth.


On the hunt today for Seaweed Fucus and Ascophylum nodosum. These have particular Qualities good for the Human learning Ancient Galician Ways which are the Ways Traditions of my Great Grandfather Joseph Gabica Mariner Trader and Titan of Indus Try he made a lot of Gold Sovereigns back in the day. So today we go to get Seaweeds and some Mead from the Honey farm in Neuquay as a Medicinal compound most Efficacious in every way. Peace zeeshan.

Sea Weeds
Artisan Zeeshan collecting the Bread and Cake for the Earth, feet chilly from the cold freshness feeling proper alive and like am doing something good for others, planting up the new beds on wedesday with red onion and garlic :)) and winter greens. Feeling like in time will live somewhere like Sicily or Greek Islands :)) ♥ so that i can get out into the ocean and get seaweed off the rocks :)) in the ocean ♥ maybe the Basque, but this is where i am at, beautiful views up to Snowdonian mountains. ♥ got mead and a bucket of black berries life is very good. Rich and Poor all in one guess am now FULCRUM ♥

In between this time of having our own annuals and perennials we are attracting local varieties of apples that do well here, and learning, learning, learning, about what will do well here as time stands now, with crazy evolution in the climate. Transformation is going on everywhere. First was Pollarded Ash, Beech and Hazel Leaves, some ferns, and other wild bits as fillers, Layer two was Organic Worm rich sheep Guano (Shit) layer three a mixture of Sea Weeds and Crushed Shells for added Calcium, Lime Vibes ? :)) Next to pollard moor leaves today :)) Rock and Roll, making the best ever compost :)) Poor man’s version 😉 ?? :)) ♥ Minerals.

The plants have arrived, Kale,  endives, japanese winter greens. We dress with rock dust and age old rotted down organic green silage, herb grass mulch, to stop the weeds, and give these little ones a chance.
These beds are the most living organic medicinal beds. Learning today about how to bring balance with slugs, and know that i want mead brewing all shapes and sizes whereever i go…i love the idea of collecting all the rosehips to make fantastic brews, so many different berries magnetizing, the hedgerows are brimming with life, guess it is right to say these Monsanto guys are a bit nuts to think they could ever do better than our Mother BIO Diversity abundant untamed Nature that we all are and have within us :))
This is what i learnt brand new about what it is we can eat and use for fertiliser like Vigo my Basque brother who started the organic movement in Northern Spain back in the day.
Rock Dust, to add wealth of minerals, this is the key.

So with out further adieu i wish to share a cut up of words, and pictures from our archive to bring you up to where we are at and where and when we are at.

The first Welsh apples we have found lead onto a whole load of abundance, now we can make apple cider vinegar, and fruit leathers for the winter months ahead of us.

Soon will be offering ebooks, free recipes, and our legendary cheese cakes that are living food, super herbal, healing, loaded with bio photonic light, no sugar, no dairy, no gluten, and really tasty and good for you. Good fats, go fruit sugars and all organic and will as we work to do the best be all certified. So the journey continues. Rainy here today, fire roaring, Akira my six year old is doing and his brother and sister are up to their cardboard in gold pens and art. Alchemical Kate has just been peeling acorns to make Welsh cakes her style, Planting up our beds with japanese leaf for winter in between the rain.

So here now is our latest ferments and apple ciders.

All Organic and Local Wild and Welsh Produce. Pure and Simple.

Made today with all local organic Welsh produce. Real frizzly bubbly fruity tangy Apple Cabbage Red and Green Ginger Wild Apple Garlic Japanese Green Celtic Sea Salt Cayenne With some homeopathic juice of all too boost an experiment to cider blast up the cabbage ferment strong, live long, STRONG LIVE LONG SUPERLIFE FOODS.
Local Welsh apples. We are getting an idea of what we can grow here in Wales. This week is apple week @ http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/llanerchaeron/things-to-see-and-do/ where we will meet the local Organic experts and the 200 year old espaliers and gauge further what is possible here in our growing adventures/experiments.

We have a decade of super living food recipes to share with you, and all the new creations we are innovating every week, as we embrace the wild hedge rows. This week alone we have created a wild hawthorn berry and local Welsh apple, pear and ginger fruit leather.

On our first search for apples we did not find them at the old Abbey ruins, but what we found was the Yew Berry, Ancient Yew Tree, the berries we ate were exquisit ♥ but do not eat the seeds!! Poison!! X They tasted like they knit healthy light and contain something quite unique, like an okra or sweet aloe.
Our Ancient Wonders of Wales ♥ We love this Land 🙂 ♥ Feels like our Ancients were planting up Hawthorn’s, we sought apples, we eventually got apples, the Hawthorn here was something else, pure bitters…
Love this loaded with bophorites, mosses, lichens ♥ Wonder if this is Actual high mineral food, i did try a little lichen, reminded me of the caterpillar cordyceps fungus :)) same altitude :))
What an amazing day yesterday, soft clear clouds all fluffy flying through the sky, soaring red kites, abundance of wild hawthorn berries, mountain clear glacial smelt, happy children, glistening, muchness moss, lichens, crisp clean air.
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Cultured Savoury Seasonal Sour Cabbage in a Great Celtic Kitchen of Somerset.

Inspired today I have collected for fresh red and white cabbages, from a local organic farm shop trading post.

This is a picture of a red cabbage we grew this year.

Homegrown and Digging for Victory

Our Somerset would of been host to so many great ferments and brews and today everything has been dowsed with sugar and or cooked pasteurised. All we know is we love the seasons, and if we are going to celebrate ours and local produce home grown we want to share in the goodness and benefits of those unique ingredients and all their natural nutrients held within.

By cooking and denaturing our process and before the advent of appliances like the fridge we had much more natural ways of preparing and creating healing tasty culinary delights. There is nothing like a good hearty fortified pickle, to have with home made crackers and a good unpasteurised nut, seed, or goat/sheep cheese. Or just on it’s own, the natural juices are amazing and enlivening. Life is good, colourful and abundant. The making of a home made culture is such a joyful expression and a real promise to deliver benefits to you and your friends and family. With simplicity.

Fermentation makes foods more nutritious, as well as delicious. Microscopic organisms – our ancestors and allies – transform food and extend its usefulness. Fermentation is found throughout human cultures. Hundreds of medical and scientific studies confirm what folklore has always known: Fermented foods help people stay healthy.

Many of your favorite foods and drinks are probably fermented. For instance: Bread, Cheese, Wine, Beer, Mead, Cider, Chocolate, Coffee, Tea, Pickles, Sauerkraut, Kimchi, Salami, Miso, Tempeh, Soy Sauce, Vinegar, Yogurt, Kefir, Kombucha.

We are going to make a Sour Cultured Fermented Veggie Cocktail, inspired by Sandor KatzSaurkraut and Korean and Japanese Cultureof Pickling Vegetables and spices.

Indigenous fermented foods of the world, are a celebration of our culture our connection to the flow of the abundance of  natural gardens, a celebration of our heritage and longevity. We are  learning the basics of fermentation as well as all about the essential microorganisms. We are really interested in the natural living fermentation according to type, including fermentations that involve lactic acid; alcoholic, alkaline, and acetic acid fermentations; and fermentations based upon the koji principle.We are interested the history and role of fermented foods in human life, and on fermentations involving an alkaline reaction.

This is a journey into the joy of healing and tasty eating, that has been celebrated from the very first days we learnt about making brews, how we danced and got our brews into our dance and vice versa. How all our families once celebrated the abundance with big big families, partying and singing the songs of our landscape.

Into a large mason jar I added my mix of Cabbages, fresh grated turmeric roots and ginger, fresh hand ground Celtic grey sea salt, to taste, I then added my own masala blend for the healing medicinal spices from the Celtic , some chaga mushroom powder, the juice of two lemons, one whole cucumber, some lovely handful of organic goji berries and Incan berries,some home made cayenne pepper, all massaged by hand to release the natural juices.

Red Cabbage is loaded with good things, and known to help benefit humans with stomach cancer.

I then added all to the jar after a good massage and the juices released. I sealed with a nori seaweed cap to seal upon thine heart with a great invocation and prayer to the water and all the vegetables and fruits, and herbs used.

All made to the soundtrack of the film chocolate.

In joy.

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