Megalithic Adventure Abundant Bilberries & The Search for the Wild Ponies ♥

Britain has so much wild nature, so much abundance, this kindom has lots of hidden treasures.

Excuse the lack of posts been busy with a cake project.

Last Friday, got some veggies and went for a good mystery tour ♥ home educating an living with insulin injections means that these days into the wild unknown keep us sane as parents and the children being on a chemical drug really benefit their brain receptor sites, as their Pituitary and Pineal Glands get stressed from the drug, this has effected their ability to learn, so we teach them the great outdoors …whole and connected to something greater is important, something that cannot be measured, something that has mystery and is great, we are not alone…♥

Abundance of Heather, a good place to keep Bees

Here is a little word smithing a tale of our family, and our magnet, attraction in finding a new food, a gift from the Gods, and embracing new teachings, to share with you.

A little photo journal, adventure into ultra land.

Harvesting the simple foods of the Earth, Air, Water and Fire.

Welcome to East Dartmoor. There is so much hope. This is our inheritance, our children’s this is our Robin Hood Theory. Such a character this cow, a true heirloom Cow, closest to Nature, eating the wild foods of the heath and glen. He was Mooing into the valley. Bold as Love.

The Journey to Devon

We are fortunate to live on the side of a Hill and an Ancient Hill Fort, we live on the Devon, Dorset, Somerset borders.

We had been down to Riverford farm foods to get some fresh fruits and vegetables for the week.

On the way home we wished to surprise the children with a mystery journey to find the wild horses of the moor.

As we windy windy got off the fast roads and into the Dartmoor National Park we headed West and up the high roads to get deep into the heart of it, we passed green mossy rocks falls, and then over the cattle grids we met our first rare breeds of cow, sheep .

Amazing vast space and an abundance of wild flora and fauna. To ignite, invoke the imagination with whirlwinds of fire.

Alchemical Kate dances with her happy feet, a much deserved adventure, we love to walk it is the best exercise, good for all the senses. Happy to get to what can only be described as an Ancient Druidic Temple, Ruins, Fallen Meteorite, maybe something out of the Dinosaur, Jurassic Period from outer space, the Galaxy, from the far body of the Escade System.

They may be Giants….Such a magnet of Tectonic Beauty. The children were gone with the Elementals.

Alchemical Arrives, with the Children…..

We all headed up to this, the walk, the hike, the views, the energy, words cannot really describe, the feelings, to just be and not have to think, to be surrounded, to adsorb this greatness into our very being. To be a part of the one, the all. Everything connected in beauty, no judgement here. Just ions, we are cloud busting energy. Thriving in awe, a true mystery school, awaiting the children of Bran. Could our ancestors, Warrior Priestess with her dogs and horses be buried here, with their golden brocades, to pass on transmissions to them that are tuning their radio waves, brain waves to such activity?

Who knows, what mystery is here for us, to know that we know very little, to be teach able.

Nuala and Papa Lion Zeeshan sat with the Foxglove and our elders, our wisdom is older than any books. They may have burnt the books, smashed our temples, but that is material, so much that cannot be seen. x

Wish you were here xx…….

Let them explore space and wakefullness, they are Moonchildren, they know peace…The magic is all around us……Come fly the teeth of the wind share our wings…

We Salute You for being on this journey with us………..xx

From the pinnacle we set off to explore this playground…..the children are off…….gone……But what has Beznar found……..??

What have we found..?

BILBERRY [Vaccinium myrtyllus]
A lover of acid soils, particularly high moorland and heath, the bilberry provides the forager with a vitamin-rich fruit with a purple bloom. Also known as whortleberry and blaeberry the fruits may be eaten raw or cooked. They make a wonderful bilberry pie. We just ate them raw……

Yippee to the forage….

Family starts to forage………..yippee, abundance on the Ancient Hill site on the Moor, Thank you Mother Earth. Keeping the traditions alive in our singing landscape, we still remember Ancient Grandmother….

….Bilberries in our sights….x


This is a fascinating place…

Little caverns, with dripping pristine water, pristine air, lichens, mosses, flora and fauna…real minerals, fresh clean and for free…….empowering for you!!

Am so inspired, this is where wish to live with my family and friends..

A home from home, could really plant my roots here, ♥ Mystery School of our Peoples ♥ Wholeness in Creation, a time of storytelling, the children’s fire. When we lived with our Fox, Badger, Deer, Boar, clans as one, when the Fish soared the rivers, and The Eagle and Owl were our Totems…..When our Trees were regarded as a place of Counsel and Decision making. For our Tribes.


The dog got a good run…

Little Chaga our 18 month old Chihuahuas Dog friend spirited away….she is a good friend of the family…♥

Beznar very happy he loves wild berries, little King of the Berries Bliss ♥

Love the plants that grow on rocks loaded with spare electrons, this succulent above was very inspiring to me personally, feel a deep connection to this plant…the colours invoke secret teachings, that can be kept in my heart, till am initiated into the tradition of T.I.B.B Herbal Medicine, my intuition tells me this is an important long chain food of the Gods. The day continued, we seen Owls in the bow of trees, wild birds, this slug, and had a truly energised day, but did we find the wild ponies….?




………and there on the horizon amongst more fallen rocks, we found what we had been looking for, a tribe of wild ponies, mother, papa, children all together amongst the rocks, foraging the wild herbs and living foods of the moor.

What a great day had by all, hope you enjoyed, if this has mused you please follow us, share with a loved one or friend.

The journey home was filled with gnarly trees, wild ancient springs, the most isolated BB in England, lots of Wild creatures.

Have a terrific day.