Magic Miso Soup

Unpasteurized Miso is a flavourful paste, we have dark ones and light ones, some are barley, some are rice, with hemp seeds, some are ginger, so many to choose from, always try the different that appeals to you, i often have three different ones in our fridge at anyone time depending on our mood and the seasons and what the weather is like. They say dark when feeling like warming up and light for cooling. Miso is rich in protolytic enzymes and micro organisms. it has remarkable digestion-promoting properties. Miso is made from soy flower and barley or rice, which is fermented with the aid of a culture living bacteria and fungus that is beneficial. The Aspergillus contains highly active enzymes called protolytic that help us digest our food. The science indicates that Miso is beneficial for exposure to radiation and can aid as a defence food and preventative to boost our immunity and glandular systems. A true food food for benefiting and first aid.

Hatchō miso barrel

Hatchō miso barrel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

4 Tablespoons of Dark Bean Barley Miso, raw

1 Tablespoon of chlorella or marine plankton cake,

1 Head of Brocoli lightly steamed, keep the steamed water,

1 avocado,

6 cups of your favourite water, alkaline is best or just charged,

1 leaf of Kombu seaweed pre soaked for several hours,

3 table spoons of your favourite oil,

1 tea spoon of your favourite seasonings,

and some of your favourite herb, we like to use parsley or coriander,

Place all the ingredients in a pot over a low heat, stirring regularly. Warm slowly, do not allow to go over 118 degrees F,  always checking with your little finger. Serve as an appetizer

Makes 4 bowls. Garnish with Love and serve with warm sourdough bread and raw butter.

Saturday Morning Green Juice O.G To hydrate.

Raw Fruit and Vegetable juice drink will deliver very important micro and macro nutrients, and you will feel good, think this your blood when you see the veins on your arms are copper coloured. It is only when our blood oxidises does it become red. Green juice, the wild greens mirror the life force of our blood. Chlorophyll, energ anagram green.

Hi I am father to three beautiful home educated star children, having three children means you need a lot of energy. So this drink is a recommended drink that i have on most mornings before i have a good pot of herbal anti oxidant medicinal tea

In commemoration of all that is green and abundant in nature, We have got many leafy yet lovely green juice recipes for you to slurp your way to vibrancy and health!

You’ll love the taste of celery in this juice as it is not like the conventional celery, this is green and locally grown. It’s light, refreshing, and the whole lemon juices in the recipe help to lift and sweeten the flavour a little too!

Whether you’re taking part in a juice cleanse or simply wanting to increase the amount of potently powerful greens in your diet, this Good Morning  Raw Lively Organic  green juice recipe is certain to leave you feeling… Alive and feeling great!

Raw Green Juice Recipe : O.G Juice

Makes about 1 quart/ 32 oz/ 4 cups


  • 1  of Green Celery  with all the leaves about 6 stalks
  • 1 Bulb of Fennel
  • 4 small apples mixed varieties
  • 1 little nugget of ginger
  • 1  handful of your favourite seasonal local green herbs, parsley, coriander, rocket, go the extra mile and pick some fresh nettle tops for added minerals.
  • 10-12 sprigs mint
  • lemons and/or limes, juiced with the skin for that added zest for life and extra extra boost of enzymes
  • for the added Alkaline boost and a good blend, absorption, no shock, just kind and gentle here we add a choice of your favourite oils, mine i use in this recipe are a teaspoon of  cold pressed hemp seed and olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon of your favourite sun dried artisan sea salt 
  • 1 teaspoon of spirulina
  • add some fresh wild rosehips for some super live vitamin C !!
  • Garnish with a sprinkling of  Cayenne pepper

If you can get fresh from the Autumn Fall Hedgerows, now we are getting down to some serious minerals, only found in nature!! Those long chain sugars are the stuff life is made of and as you get to know your local wild areas you become accustomed to the seasonal year round fruits and gems that are on offer. Through this site we will offer photo’s and identification and recipes of our own experience and in depth knowledge and insights gained from this superb wild food high end bio available nutrition. Food being the only good medicine, if it is wild, bio dynamic and organic, picked local and fresh, you know you are doing and living the best for you! and your friends and family.

Good Morning O.G Juice

Warning!! Juicing will build muscles in your arms!!

So on this lovely Saturday we share a green juice drink and a good little song and film poem.

Have a lovely weekend.

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