Adventures with Praline, Bonbons & Raw Chocolate Truffles

Organic Balinese Wild Chocolate Alchemy

Just made my first milk chocolate pralines, with ginger and rosemary flowers to dress, very happy with my first attempt. Kids all approved so i am very happy, they have been trained with from a good young age the simplicity and wonderful bouquet of our amazing ingredients herbs and spices of the Earth. They love fresh organic clean tasty fresh living foods and the fun we can have with them. Now their Father is trained as a Blender Chef Confectioner me and their Mum are constantly making new vital fun amazing new things, learning always to create and add new innovations, that we can share with our children and then to you on here. Today we are creating our take on Coconut Bonbons, they will be thumb sized organic turmeric and ginger root and vanilla.

As I hear the Vitamix Blending the Sun is shining lovely music playing and the sound of the birds singing, our home is a lively home of industrious creations. We never ever compromise and we are always looking to improve and add value, we are all about the science, the creation and why our foods benefit our children and bring a balance in this crazy world. We seek to return to a way of eating that that enhances our energy and also acts as a catalyst to inspire others.

We do not use any sugar, or dairy, gluten.

We use sweetners like Xylitol, Tree Honey  that has been consciously harvested, Agave Royal Blue, Carob, Lucuma and Coconut Palm Sugar infused with Turmeric and Cinnamon.

I will be posting recipes soon and photos too very soon of our new creations into Advanced Chocolate making Alchemy. Have a terrific day.

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