Making Amazing Opportunities Happen from Asking & Being Open to Receive.

May day anticipation from those days when we sang to our hemp and flax and wassailed to our Apples, Quince and Fruit and nut trees. When the badger was the master woodsman, a it was Herstory not just his x

May day anticipation from those days when we sang to our hemp and flax and wassailed to our Apples, Quince and Fruit and nut trees. When the badger was the master woodsman, a it was Herstory not just his x

You get what you think about most of the time, in my case it is good food, drink, company, healing, fire, earth worms, greenhouses, wild foods, puppy dogs, spiders, little birds, buzzards, stones and bones, glass,  spring water, and plants lots of amazing plants, we love to learn new things and meet new people in co creating and saving our planet earth peace garden, this blog is all about eating moving and being healthy, being where you are at and living the opulent reality. With earnest and sincerity to the best of our ability. We love living in nature, living with wildlife, learning wild foods and how we can feed our family and in time our communities. Organic farming is not working, mono culture is not working, our bees and nature need us, we have come from a great place we are returning there but we have to take action, we have to stand for something else we could fall for anything. We will win because we shall never lose, it is the journey we now take on that road less travelled, travel your road. And be the light that you are.

Happy healing fire to you, this was a  fire and now i want to share my work in galleries around the world so that i may plant up food forests worldwide and help children with type one diabetes and their parents, and beyond, as healing is a gift that we are here for something much much more...sowing the seeds of greatness.

Happy healing fire to you, this was a fire and now i want to share my work in galleries around the world so that i may plant up food forests worldwide and help children with type one diabetes and their parents, and beyond, as healing is a gift that we are here for something much much more…sowing the seeds of greatness. I love a good fire and this time of the day is one of my favourites, the beauty and sublime, love the works of Susan Derges.

We are all in this together, could be we are all connected feels like it at times. x

Now is a time to remember our friends those here and those passed on to other lands, now in our hearts eternal x

Don't take the piss, urine in with a chance, one love x said one brother before he left this world, he left us with a question that we now hold as a chalice of peace, for our babies for our lives that we live and we will propel, he has given us propulsion.

Don’t take the piss, urine in with a chance, one love x said one brother before he left this world, he left us with a question that we now hold as a chalice of peace, for our babies for our lives that we live and we will propel, he has given us propulsion.

Raising dogs, cats, children, life raises us as parents, papa lion Zeeshan writes this little blog because we are going to share with you life in a forest garden, new beginnings, application of life experiences, and all the things we know, love and respect of the hardcore mother earth, through personal transformation, listening to ted talks, groovy music, a bootlegger at heart, lawless and django fuse me, drive me, i love the culture, i man rebel warrior and i man here to share and sing my song. Through all that this man can do. In deep respect and life energy as we walk in the midst of greatness, inshAllah x Light love and power to you all.


Aho x


Folks it has been more than crazy, it has been mental, full on!!

It has been a crazy few weeks,  we have been settling into our new home and new life, new neighbours, some called the neighbours from hell, we have been put here to heal 43 years of craziness, a lot of 19 years has been surfacing a lot of letting go, cord cutting, in to flames, we are now here to share our life with you and make something brand new happen, here is a touch base and a sharing of our activities and life we love to share in working it all out, how we can best breathe and feel good right now, and if we cannot for what ever reason, we can at least feel better, setting ourselves up to win with the little baby steps, remembering it is the little things that count, that hold us altogether. So without further ado, a little catch up, thank you. We are all experiencing this, it is flaming mental, this life and i love it, my heart is opening each day, i love my sleep, i love blogging, i love being me and i wish to share with you…

I rekon we are from the future and from great past!!!! i imagine great days we have had and are going to have.

And are having this age is a blast…gold and silver is no use in a vault we got to wear it and share it, i bring you salt of the earth, food the best medicine. We bring you energy, pure energy. That is sustaining.


Here is some of our life’s journey and experiences to share of our last few weeks, crazy crazy galactic moon like activities, could it be we really have shifted into a golden age? Through his experience or inexperience like attracts like, we journey to seek to do well the best we can to be reasonable, and follow this idea of bliss in movement, eating and beaming health through the application of working it out with a no compromise love action. We do our very best to walk our talk and work on self mastery daily. This is the only planet of choice, right here right now, i feel a fatt boy slim tune brewing. Excuse me while i burst in flowers, in this great Flora and fauna we call life x


We are now settling in, our blog is going to now be a part of our extension of reaching out to you and sharing our wish to create. A food forest garden.

So we have been lucky to attract a 15 acre organic south facing site, in one of the most pristine lichen purifying airy elemental places on Earth.

When we do go out in the car, we are usually thinking about what we can collect from nature, be it seaweeds fresh, cardboard to lay on the Earth, Earthworm rich horse manures, what can we find in nature to fill up our boot and enrich our biosphere, we are like earth movers and always seeking good fresh living beyond organic foods and drink to liven up ourselves.

… we are usually thinking about what we can collect from nature, be it leaf mulch, seaweeds fresh, cardboard to lay on the Earth, Earthworm rich horse manures, woodchips, kindling, trees, saplings, herbs, salts, oils, spring water, fruits, brand new energy to enrich our biosphere, we are like earth movers and always seeking good fresh living beyond organic foods and drink to liven up ourselves.

We are surrounded by Native forests of our Celtic Ancestors, the land is steeped with legend of Heroic Epic Stories of an era when the Gods/Goddess, Masculine and Feminine fought arm in arm, with their gold brocades, their battle horses and armoured dogs. When we took counsel in the Ancient Oak forests, and we sat with our totems the fox, badger, deer, boar, eagle, owl, bear, crow, otter, the many bird tribes, from a time of deep respect for all the gives us life, that we all share in some greater good in service of the light, the love and the laughter.


We are here now, a place we can now call home. It has been a crazy few weeks of passage.

We are planting and preparing the Earth. Alongside the 15 acre site we have been blessed to love and maintain a 16th century walled garden.

We are doing all of this with trust in our hearts. We wish to own the land so we can entrust it back to our children and the Earth.


Living close to all the elements of nature is vital to the work and play we do, there is a vast myriad of bio diversity that we can attain and build on with the thoughts on soil fertility, how can we make the best soil and grow a food forest that is bringing something to the table, the dining experience brand new and alive. Something that only travelled 500 yards to get to your table and for you to remember how good you can feel always, just being given the respect you deserve, a taste of paradise, a little piece of heave, here on earth, hope is just a click of a finger away, if we but trust and allow new experiences in. To have fun and be kind and gentle on your journey the very destination…here he goes again !! x


We really enjoy sharing and making the best foods on the planet with the best ingredients and sharing this is the best, we don’t want to be tied to any red tape and regulations, we don’t wish to kill our art, or our culture, we would rather you just come and experience and share this learning and we can feed you and teach you what we have learnt, we know a lot about healing with whole foods, we are all about building new neural pathways, and being from the deep seated throne of emotion in all that we do, especially when we are talking cakes!! x


This week we put up the green house it has been gifted to us, to look after, to have a place to go when the garden is too wet, we can tend our young seedlings and saplings of perennials.


This year i learn, we learn from Martin Crawford all about Forest Gardens.

We are planting, and doing a lot of Earth moving. Clearing and healing, a dance with all the elements of nature.

With an open heart and mind and brain to engage in that that we know we do not know. As children of the Sun, Moon and Stars. Children of the Earth, Fire, Air and Water, so unique we all are. Wonderfully made.


Here we wish to show our love of the sowing of seeds, and planting of fruit trees, nut trees, herbs and ultimately a medicine garden, connected to this Earth our Mother and the Celestial Skies, the heavens upon Earth, our Father.

So the Earth is not dug, we let the beneficial organisms do their work, we are clearing old wounds, memories, and following our gifts and insights, our children are saturating in this beauty and this is their home education, to plant sunflowers and sweet peas… to charge at life, to live, learn and integrate those six honest serving men that taught us all the knew, their names were What & Where & When & How & Why & Who. x


I give thanks and appreciation that you are reading this and that we are all in this together living the change we expect to see in the world.

My wish is to help heal others, bring truth to them that wish for it, to offer solutions that are kind and gentle, to share my experiences and insights, to listen to help expand on where we are at in any moment in time. We have a wealth of insights to do with heavy metal toxicity, how to add energy and light to your life so that you can feel better, little steps, tortoise power.


If you are inspired to be a part of what we are doing please share, if you can help me with my blog please do, i am self teaching myself and can do with any help from any one who has the time to help me do this better, we have so so much content, recipes, and experience at eating and drinking. Thank you.

Long over due

Zeeshan x


It has been so challenging but i have realised i am here to now put into practice all that i am, all the cosmic greatness we are, to go forth and go full on Hanumanoid, to express my art and live it to the best and most of all share with all of you, there is so much abundance and enough for everyone, together we can and are making a difference, please share and follow us, we promise you a fun experience and we want to learn from you to, hope to see you soon, and share a brew, story, life, love and laughter.

Raw Fruit and Nut Chocolate.

We made this chocolate Goji Fruit and Siberian Cedar Nut chocolate.

Youngest Akira was born in our stone cottage, rented from the Duchy of Cornwall, he is now five, he was born a lotus birth baby, and loves to play act at being today Sherlock Holmes, he is also a great painter, young gentle man, draughtsman and chief chocolate taster.
Elementary deer Watson x

This is what it turned out like, and i wish you were here.x

Goji Berry truffle chewy chocolate ~ How have you had your chocolate today?

Lovely Siberian Cedar Nuts incased within x

So if we look at chocolate alone in its raw form, boom!!

Why is Raw Chocolate so good?

What does it contain?

I don’t believe it look what is within chocolate in the raw, super duper, we know children need iron, and magnesium for good healthy development, chocolate is one special nut. A bit of a plant biology lesson for us all, the alphabet of chocolate alone, loaded with loads of posh bits and bobs. Give thanks to the Moor and the Opulent Reality. Chocolate has never been this good. x

Chemical Constituents in RAW CACAO include (in alphabetic order):

  • ACETIC-ACID 1,520 – 7,100 ppm
ALANINE 10,400 ppm
  • ALKALOIDS 33,900 ppm
ARGININE 800+ ppm
  • ASCORBIC-ACID 31 ppm
CAFFEINE Petiole 51 – 525 ppm or 500 – 12,900 ppm, Skin 130-723 ppm
  • CALCIUM 800 – 1,100 ppm
CARBOHYDRATES 347,000 – 445,000 ppm
  • CATECHINS 30,000 – 35,000 ppm
  • CHLORIDE 120 ppm
  • CHROMIUM (10 times more than whole wheat, highest of any major food)
  • CITRIC-ACID 4,500-7,500 ppm
  • COPPER 24 ppm
  • CYANIDIN-GLYCOSIDE 4,000 – 5,000 ppm
FAT 371,000 – 582,300 ppm
FIBER 59,000 – 89,000 ppm
GLUCOSE 3,000 ppm
  • GLUTAMIC-ACID 10,200 ppm
  • GLYCINE 900 ppm
IRON 36 – 37 ppm
ISOLEUCINE 5,600 ppm
  • L-EPICATECHIN 27,000 ppm
  • LEUCOCYANIDINS 14,000 – 35,000 ppm
  • LINALOL 5 ppm
LYSINE 800 ppm
  • N-LINOLEOYLETHANOLAMINE — Anandamide reuptake inhibitor
  • N-OLEOLETHANOLAMINE — Anandamide reuptake inhibitor
NIACIN 17 – 18 ppm
NITROGEN 22,800 ppm
  • OLEIC-ACID 190,000 – 217,000 ppm
  • OLEO-DIPALMATIN 76,500 – 92,800 ppm
  • OXALIC-ACID 1,520 – 5,000 ppm
  • PANTOTHENIC-ACID (Vitamin B-5) 13ppm
  • PHENYLALANINE 5,600 ppm
  • PHOSPHATIDYL-CHOLINE 92 – 1,328 ppm
  • PHOSPHORUS 3,600 – 5,571 ppm
  • POLYPHENOLS 78,000 – 100,000 ppm
  • PROLINE 7,200 ppm
  • PROTEIN 120,000 – 180,000 ppm
PURINE 30,000 – 40,000 ppm
  • PYRIDOXINE (Vitamin B6) 1 ppm
RIBOFLAVIN (Vitamin B2) 1 – 4 ppm
  • SERINE 8,800 ppm
STARCH 60,000 ppm
  • TANNINS 75,400 ppm
THEOBROMINE 10,000 – 33,500 ppm
THEOPHYLLINE 3,254 – 4,739 ppm — Theophylline is a methylxanthine with
diuretic and bronchial smooth muscle relaxant properties.
THIAMINE (Vitamin B1) 1 – 3 ppm
THREONINE 1,400 ppm
  • TOCOPHEROL (BETA, GAMMA) (Vitamin E forms)
  • TYROSINE 5,700 ppm
  • VALINE 5,700 ppm
WATER 36,000 ppm
 The Raw Cacao bean is one of nature’s most fantastic superfoods due to its mineral content and wide array of unique properties. Since many of the special properties of cacao are destroyed by cooking, refining and processing, planet Earth’ s favorite food is still unknown to most of us. Now we get to reconnect with the power of real chocolate.Take 5og of Goji Berries…the rest of the recipe is on the second photograph.

What is a Goji Berry?

goji berries (wolfberry)

goji berries (wolfberry) (Photo credit: miheco)

Goji berries, also known as Wolfberries, are one of the most nutritionally dense superfoods on the planet. They contain a vast array of unique carotenoids, vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients. Among these it is also believed by many to be one of the best sources of antioxidants on the planet.

Antioxidants help to protect our DNA from damage by free radicals and radiation. Without an ample supply of antioxidants our body becomes open to illness and accelerated aging. Free radicals are generated as a byproduct of normal metabolism and exposure to toxins and radiation. This eventually results in an early cell death which has been contributed to a variety of diseases and to the accelerated development of mutated cells that may lead to cancer. All of this is countered with the help of antioxidants.

Goji berries are one of the best sources of the carotenoid antioxidants, even more than carrots. This is important since research has indicated that the carotenoid content of human tissue is a statistically significant factor in determining our maximum lifespan potential. This means the more carotenoids we consume, the better the possibility we may live a longer life.

Eye Health
Goji berries also contains some very important nutrients for eye health. These include zeaxanthin and lutein. A diet with increased levels of zeaxanthin and lutein has been helpful in decreasing the risk of developing age related macular degeneration, the leading cause of blindness and loss of vision in people above the age of 65.

Immunity And Longevity
Goji berries have also been found to boost the immune system. There are three main components in the goji berry that do this: polysaccharides, beta-carotene, and germanium. Polysaccharides are well known for their immune boosting properties, while beta-carotene seems to boost interferon`s stimulation on the immune system. Germanium, which has been found to be effective in treating certain types of cancer, is also critical in boosting interferon levels. Goji berries also contain sesquiterpenoids which have anti-inflammatory properties. The sesquiterpenoids contained in goji berries are found to be a powerful secretagogue. A secretagogue stimulates the secretion of the human growth hormone by the pituitary gland.

Due to the vitamin and mineral content of goji berries, and the fact that they are the only known food sourced with secretagogue, goji berries have long been known as a longevity food. In fact, legend has it that a man named Li Qing Yuen was believed to have lived to the age of 252 years. It is still unknown if this case is true or not.

Nutritional Profile
Goji berries contain 18 amino acids including all eight of the essential amino acids, making it a complete protein. They also contain 21 trace minerals including: calcium, copper, germanium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, selenium, and zinc. For a vitamin content they contain vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B-complex, and vitamin E.

This is the Recipe x we also added a pinch of Celtic Grey Sea Salt, Vanilla powder and dressed the chocolate with Siberian Cedar Nuts. The following pictures are a fun step by step of the Alchemy of Chocolate. Enjoy

Next we get a Bowl an add Lucuma.

What is Lucuma?

Many South American cultures enjoy traditional healthy foods and culinary treats. If you were to visit Peru, you may be surprised to find that lucuma flavored ice cream is more popular than vanilla or chocolate. Lucuma is a South American fruit that is gaining popularity as a healthy, whole fruit sweetener. It has a similar taste to a mango and has a beautiful golden yellow color. It adds a healthy sweetness to smoothies, raw chocolate and cakes.

The Incan Fruit

The lucuma tree was first seen and reported by Europeans in Ecuador in 1531. The lucuma tree is an evergreen that has been cultivated since ancient times and was once hailed the “Gold of the Incas.” As a native fruit to Peru, Chile and Ecuador, it has been spiritually revered because of its taste and healing power. It has been found depicted on ceramics at burial sites of the indigenous people of Peru by archaeologists. Today it is still a prominent feature in celebrations and life.

Because the lucuma fruit is so precious to South American countries, it is actually not allowed to be exported as a whole fruit. Instead, the powder is being exported and used to create delicious recipes.

A Healthy Sweetener

Lucuma is an excellent source of carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, and minerals including plentiful concentrations of beta-carotene, which makes it a powerful immune system booster. It is rich in iron, B2 and B1. It`s also high in niacin, which makes it a cholesterol and triglyceride balancer.

The fruit has a slightly breast like appearance and has been associated with fertility and nourishment by the cultures who have enjoyed it. It is a great sweetener for women who are breastfeeding.

Naturally Sweet and Delicious

Lucuma has a uniquely sweet, fragrant and subtly maple-like taste that will bring your desserts to life without making your blood sugar levels skyrocket. This naturally occurring sweetener actually gives your body healing goodness, unlike many sweeteners which offer empty calories and nothing of any value. Its low sugar content makes it a healthy alternative to sugar for people who have diabetes and other illnesses, as well as those growing numbers of people who want to enjoy delicious delights while maintaining vibrant health.

Add your Vanilla powder.

Medicinal Uses for Vanilla
Vanilla, and its main constituent vanillin, are among the most popular aromatic and food flavoring agents and are extensively used by the food, beverage, perfumery (such as candles and body oils) and pharmaceutical industries. Vanilla has been added to yogurt, nutritional supplements, meal replacement shakes and protein bars, drinking water, custard, energy drinks, soymilk, ice cream, lip salve, nonfat dry milk and sterile frozen dairy desserts for immunocompromised patients. Vanilla has also been used as part of a weaning diet, and medicinally to treat various conditions by cultures throughout the world.

So all of the above ingredients in a bowl ready to add to your fats, the chocolate butter and the chocolate paste.

So all the ingredients are then added to your finger temperature chocolate butter and paste.

Into your blender.

Then add Goji and then all the other ingredients, ready to blend baby!!

like this, then we add the goji berries. x

Add all your ingredients to the jug.

Blend in your Vitamix blender ideally, this is the tool for making raw chocolate.

You have to taste!! Little dog is below with a waggy tail.x

and pour into your chosen moulds. x

Just like that! x

Dress with some of these x According to Anastasia, Rasputin was a country lad heralding from the Siberian taiga and grew up on siberian cedar nuts. Is this why he was so durable and hard to kill, in the end they had to chop his head off!!

Fruit and Nut x a perfect combination x

Now we await patiently for them to set in our chocolate drying room.

Will add photos of the end ready to be enjoyed.

In joy


Akira is very Happy he has his Homemade Organic Chocolate. x

We look forward to some how being able to bring our confectionary to a wider audience. x

From our hearts to yours. x

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