Blue Blue Cherry for You, and Green Green Juicing Machine. For the Starr in You.

Reduce chronic migraine headaches with herbs and home remedies 

I want to do one kindly deed each day

To help someone to find a better way

I want to lend a hand to one in need

Or find some lonely stray that i may feed.

I want to sing for someone a love song

To give them courage when the road is long.

If just one smile of mine can lighten pain,

Then i shall feel i have not lived in vain.

~Poem by Lena Stearns Bolton


Some recipes for children and adults that are tried and tested and taste real good.

This smoothie we love and have been having daily, twice a day.

The blue and purple fruit and vegetables contain alkalizing nutrients such as lutein, zeaxanthin, resveratrol, fiber, flavonoids, ellagic acid, and quercetin.  These alkalizing nutrients support retinal health, lowers LDL cholesterol, supports the immune system activity, supports healthy alkalizing of the foods and liquids ingested, improves calcium and other alkaline mineral absorption, buffers all acids that causses inflammation, prevents and reduces tumor growth, acts as an anticarcinogen in the alimentary canal, and limits the activity of acid that causes cancerouscells.


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Blueberries, specifically, contain high amounts of alkalizing vitamins and minerals such as folic acid, potassium and fiber.

The phytochemical’s in blue berries may lessen the effect of the acid estrogen in causing breast-cancer cell growth.

Cut out the refined sugar and watch them freckles disappear. This tastes so good.

Anthocyanins, Are found in these Alkaline Blues and Purples: – Good Sources are Red Cabbage, Purple Eggplant, Grapes, Berries

Ellagic Acid in Purple and Blue Berries contain a phytochemical that may lessen the effect of the acid estrogen in causing breast-cancer cell growth.
Good tip: Blending berries with avocado, helps to buffer the acids or sugars in the mildly acidic berries.

In the Berries are antioxidants or anti-acids that improve brain function and balance, and they reduce metabolic and dietary acid that increases the risk for cancer, stroke, and heart disease.

The mild acids in the fruits are balanced by the fats and protein of the nut milk and oils and  also the avocado is excellent with aiding in the slow release of the sugars. This smoothie is excellent for sugar sensitive people. And really everyone can have this. It is loaded with the good stuff. Excellent for learning new things, proper brain food. Also if you have a busy life this will keep you going for hours!!

Ok here goes. We have some science now for some action, satisfaction. Groovy Smoothie Brain Train.

Lets get it going on!


Take one litre of home made Almond Nut Mylk

One whole organic avocado.

One pear

Celtic Grey Sea Salt like a nice pinch

One Table spoon of Coconut Butter

One cup of cherries and blueberries

Two Teaspoons of Vanilla Powder

One Teaspoon of Cinnamon powder

Blend well, proper frothy!!!!!!!

Here are some we made earlier.x

Felt right to dress with some home grown organic mint from the garden. x Loaded with Health-enhancing flavonoids, phytochemicals, and other antioxidants.

We love this, so dreamy but very advanced in delivering the best to you on your crazy day in the 20 th century. Loaded with natural simple but super good nutrients.

Next we had a Green Juice.


Juice a Quarter to a third of cabbage, purple ones are lovely,

4 Heads of green celery

inch of ginger

2 pears

2 lemons

So so good, here are some we made earlier the family love this.

Only thing not added was some wild greens, them recipes are coming soon. x basic but very good, essential, the cabbage alone is a monster herbaliser for the stomach. So simple and very very tasty.

Sulfur compounds in cruciferous veggies, may slow the metabolism of carcinogens and metabolic and dietary acids.

Consume at least 1 gram of ginger to alleviate the nausea associated with migraine headaches. Use ginger in your juice to feel great.

Thank you and Enjoy x

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Happy Fun Treats that are Healthy and Taste so Good for You!!

Organic Ecuadorian Arriba Chocolate Blackberry Rosemary Latte Cake

Lovely home made artisan cake, very very pure and light, as good as a mascapone cheesecake, adorned with fresh rose petals and borage and berries from our no diggity garden ♥ But the beauty of this cake is there is no sugar, no dairy, no gluten.

The cake is the thought of  the very idea of what a good high classy delicatessen cheesecake unpasteurised and full of culture should and does taste like. We have created a Raw Vegan Cultured version, like the French and Japanese we too have Culture, celebrating the four elements and the wholeness of creation.

We use Artisan sun dried Celtic Grey Sea Salt, the Flower of the Ocean, a timeless culinary favourite.

We use Italian and Spanish Organic Almonds we soak them and then dehydrate them, this soaks out all tannins and makes them plump live and very tasty for all you alchemists. Really good for making then a nut nutty butter, the children love this, and then can have chew plates of like celery sticks or cucumber sticks to use to dip into.

The Almond is also very important as it is Alkaline and thus balancing of all the nuts, and this is the best bit it helps with brain development. Here is a recipe to celebrate this, very tasty and good if you are studying for exams or in a high powered job and don’t want to crash. Gone are the days of over stimulation from coffee or sugar crash in the office from the no seeded bananas. Not that there is anything wrong with coffee and bananas but now you have long burning fuels Ancient old/new.

Try this Smoothie below inspired by the Almond/Amygdala. You can add as a base also to this a tea brew of warming nettles and a tea bag of something we are using now that is really good as an adaptogen to carry you through the day a Spring Dragon Longevity Tea from Ron Teeguarden, it is the healthiest tea formula on Earth. You add this to your smoothie and you will be supercharged for the day and work and play supercool efficiently. You will literally be Super Infused to Perform your best in all that you do. Be it a full time Mum, Father, Artist, Professional, Athlete, Muse whatever this brew is for you. Never was sipping tea and eating cake so goood.

Deep Limbic Amygdala Smoothie
Add a handful of sooaked organic almonds, blend and strain off so you get a smooth fresh almond mylk,
Add a dash of celtic grey sea salt  flower of the ocean ♥
Mango fresh i have sometimes been blessed to find organic Galilee Mangoes, Ideally we want the Orange Pakistani Mango the best in taste, and when you add to Almond creme you have an Ambrosia Nectar
Four cardamons whole,
Four black peppercorns,
Tea spoon of raw organic honey optional
Tsp of flax seed oil and or some soaked chia seeds
Ionized water or spring water high alkaline :))
One teaspoon of mesquite, noni powder :))
One thumbnail of root fresh ginger and turmeric, i added some cell vitality drops to give some extra alkaline vibes,
Blend in a VitaMix and serves 2 Adults 3 Children very nicely.
This has a cooling effect like the Moon.

We Also have a love for the Lemon and Coconut and these used in our Kitchen you will be able to see, and then try and taste our wonderful Alchemy, we bring simplicity and a taste sensation that takes you to the seat of your Ancestors in Sovereignty we fly the flag of the Opulent Colourful Tapestry we call Life Love and Laughter Berries Bliss.

Our Signature Classic Chocolate Lemon Coconut Mascapone Cheesecake infused with Blueberries, Simple Authentic Super foods for You!

Made with love and a celebration of the British seasons and all her forage, collected by our three home schooled children and us the Raw Alchemists.

All our ingredients are either from our garden which is inspired by Perennial Wisdom and we use only copper tools in our Earth.

We make our own raised beds and let our plants, flowers self seed, we only use organic and permaculture principles and promote bio diversity. We also use wild forage of the British hedgerow that is so abundant and ripe for the pickings, right now we are eating the Wild Garlic, Jack by the Hedge, Hawthorn Flowers/leaves and we are getting ready to make English Wildflower Sparkling Honey Wine.

All the Chocolate and ingredients we use are all organic, wild, raw, vegan and ethically sourced.

We are conscious self taught master blender chefs and have been playing with raw foods and good fine dining experiments for a good decade.

What we bring to you! is our love of life and laughter and appreciation of good fine food with simple ingredients using the idea that less is moor, unless it is a special occasion like our 11 year olds birthday just gone and we go all out berry chocolate explosion with our love of color and art.

Organic Ecuadorian Chocolate and Lemon Birthday Berry Cake For Our Daughter Now she is 11

Our palette is refined and we share our love of the bitters, sweets, salty and sour.

This is a celebration of the fine art of food.

Thank you and enjoy our journey, it is the destination. xx

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