Garden Nut Bite Size Homegrown Herbal Patties

“Art calls for complete mastery of techniques, developed by reflection within the soul.”
~Bruce Lee

This recipe involves a bit of preparation but once made you can store them and have throughout your week, so then it becomes a fast food.

Let us make some good fast food treats, that we can make and have ready to enjoy on their own or as an addition to a hearty dinner. Loaded with life.

This recipe makes 28 bite size burgers, great if you are busy, and want a quick snack.

It is great to have with a cucumber cooling lemon and tomato avocado salad, some home made flax chia seed cracker breads and a home made pepper minty tomato pickle.

Ingredients and Method rolled into one:

3 cups of soaked almonds

salt to taste

Half a cup of olive oil cold pressed and stone ground

Half a cup of spring water

Blend till smooth….

then finely chop a sumptuous handful of Oregano, Sage, Marjoram, any herb combo you like, Coriander is always a winner

Chop or grate some fresh root ginger and turmeric

we add some of our own home made chilli powder 2 tsp

6 celery stalks chopped

The juice of one lemon.

Next we mix all these ingredients together in a bowl, then shape into small patties.

Dehydrate for 2 hours.

Serve with our next blog post

Akira Love this Salsa Minty Tom Pepper Chutney

Here are some pictures of the process, the method to finished product. xx

These are some of our oils we like to have in our repertoire.

All our lovely home grown organic herbs, friends to the bugs and plants in our garden. These are sage flowers and very tasty.

The nut blend and all the celery and herbs ready to make into the patties, ready to go then onto the dehydrator.

Fresh herbs and spices, Turmeric and Ginger are some of the most beauty cultivators, true golds within, very key to maintenance of the beauty inside and out, they add natural body and zest, with our home made chilli creates a wonderful life food spice bouquet. A real booster for the blood, hair and bones and skin.

Ready in two hours plus depending on how you like them, no rules here yum yum…time to make some chutney…This is the beauty you can eat them with or without dehydrating…have fun, and enjoy

They can look any thing like this….the children love them…




Love from the Alchemical Kitchen on the side of an Ancient Hill Fort in Somerset.

If this simple authentic creation, our art has inspired you please share with your loved ones, and follow our blog we love to share and your recognition drives our potential and inspiration, a big big minty smile and a love of all things herbal. Adieu


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